Greg Adamietz
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Greg Adamietz

Are You Able to Identify "Best Fit" Candidates?
Evergreen A-C Conference Rooms - 1:30 pm

Target Audience: All

Greg has specialized in marketing and selling emerging SaaS-based Web technologies for over 15 years. Throughout his career, Greg has focused on technologies that marry visitor and user intelligence with immediate relevant action, a win for both marketers and customers. In his previous role, Greg managed the sales team at Extole, helping many of the world's top brands acquire new customers using a SaaS referral marketing platform. Prior to Extole, Greg led the Enterprise group at Monetate, providing companies with website A/B testing and personalization. He also helped develop online word-of-mouth services at Bazaarvoice, working with clients like Nike, 3M, and Microsoft to expand their marketing efforts into the social-sphere. In the early days of the commercial Internet, Greg marketed a Web services platform at DigitalGlobe that streamed digital imagery directly to the desktop, leading to the largest commercial imagery contract in history when Google first introduced imagery into Google Maps. Greg lives in Boulder with his family. In his free time, Greg snowboards, mountain bikes, and enjoys the great Colorado outdoors. Greg holds a Master's in Environmental Science from Texas State University.


Are You Able to Identify "Best Fit" Candidates?

What are the most important business metrics for any kind of recruitment effort? Is it the total number of applicants? Is it to drive a specific number of applicants from specific service areas? Is it to reduce the cost of acquisition? Is it to make sure you are identifying those applicants that would be the best fit within your company and culture? And if this is the case - is it because new hires that are a good cultural fit churn less and are faster to assimilate and reach productivity? All of these things can be promoted and measured from a recruitment experience designed with these metrics and insights in mind and then set your goals. It’s time to re-imagine the digital experience of your recruits and how to get the data you need to be more successful with your hiring practices and present the return on investment of your strategy.

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