Catharyn Baird
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Catharyn Baird
An Ethical Nudge: Using Behavioral Ethics to Successfully Navigate Change
Evergreen A-C Conference Rooms - 1:30 pm

Target Audience: All

Catharyn Baird, JD, is the Founder/CEO of EthicsGame, LLC and Professor of Business, Emeritus, Regis University, Denver, Colo. Baird’s research resulted in the development of the Ethical Lens Inventory, a typology that has been used by more than 500,000 people to determine their ethical preference and leadership style. Baird’s unique approach to ethics and vibrant communication skills have resulted in national recognition. EthicsGame’s leading edge pedagogy was featured in the January/ February 2013 BizEd. She was recognized by her professional organization, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, as the 2014 Ethics Scholar in Residence. She is also a highly sought out speaker for universities and professional organizations. She was featured as a TEDxMileHi presenter in June of 2015, Ideas Unbridled. Her presentation, Ethics for People on the Move, explores how we define an ethical life, and how we can leverage ethical plurality to wisely build strong cultures.


An Ethical Nudge: Using Behavioral Ethics to Successfully Navigate Change

During times of rapid change, skillfully using the tools of ethical plurality helps an organization bridge compliance and culture to create a strong and nimble company while ensuring individuals maintain personal integrity. Ethical dilemmas occur when our core values are in tension and we don’t know which path of action is the most ethical. Without an effective way of resolving those tensions, we can either come to an impasse or take actions that compromise our values. To smooth the way, human resource professionals facilitating change can use principles of behavioral ethics to identify organizational and individual core values. As they effectively harmonize ethical values among various stakeholders, leaders can nudge both the shaping of rules and expected behaviors. Those skilled in evaluating the ethical strengths and challenges of members of their teams can effectively influence the direction of change, coach people toward ethical excellence, and help the organization maintain its ethical bearings during times of uncertainty.

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