Madeline Marquardt
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Madeline Marquardt
It’s not About Ping Pong Tables and Dogs at the Office. Cultivating Success and Growing the Bottom Line with Culture and Strategy.
Conifer Conference Room - 3:00 pm

Target Audience: All

Madeline Marquardt is a business consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur. Before forming her first consulting company, Madeline had a 16-year career in telecommunications where she spent her last four years as a Director of Organizational Development, assisting in the merger and change of culture of three operating companies into US West.

After a life-time struggle, Madeline, formerly Martin, came to accept that she is transgender and starting in late 2017 she has decided to go forward in life as a transgender woman. While challenging, this experience has brought additional dimension and understanding to Madeline's approach to culture, leadership, and diversity in the workspace, specifically concerning the critical role that inclusion plays in how individuals and organizations succeed.

For over 30 years Madeline has focused on assisting national and international clients to manage systemic change, addressing strategic direction, structural redesign, culture change, leadership development, inclusive diversity and employee engagement.

Madeline completed her undergraduate work in Secondary Education at Northern State College, South Dakota. She has completed additional professional training in OD programs from NTL and University Associates, and is accredited in the use of Human Synergistics' suite of assessments. Madeline is an author of several articles and has been a presenter at OD Net, the Conference Board and numerous nuclear and electrical utility industry conferences.


It’s not About Ping Pong Tables and Dogs at the Office. Cultivating Success and Growing the Bottom Line with Culture and Strategy.

Co-Presented with Kevin Smith
The data is in. Culture is far more connected to business success than most organizations and their leaders think it is – and while perks and flexible schedules are nice, they don’t sustain real business achievement. But Culture is tough – it goes far beyond free lunches and once-a-year off-sites. Culture is the critical component for cultivating innovation, agility, and accountability. When leadership fosters an environment of strategic clarity, inclusive diversity, dynamic collaboration and ongoing feedback and learning, they can maximize the impact of their strategic execution and grow an operating culture that sustains performance through an engaged and intrinsically motivated workforce. Join us to learn the theory and hear the case study of how Strategy, Leadership and Culture can turn disruption into opportunity.

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