Holly Pendleton
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Holly Pendleton

Change or Die: Why Your Organization Needs Change Competency to Thrive
Evergreen A-C Conference Rooms - 1:30 pm

Target Audience: All

Holly Pendleton brings 20 years of experience partnering with leaders to realize individual and organizational transformation goals. As an organization effectiveness, change management and leadership development consultant, certified leadership and team coach, and strategic facilitator; she focuses on performance improvement through organization effectiveness, leadership development, team performance, learning, collaboration and knowledge transfer. Holly is passionate about empowering others to have big impacts and is grateful to do this in many ways, every single day. Holly is a Consulting Director, Leadership Coach, and Southwest Region Lead with Envision Business Consulting, a management consulting firm, headquartered here in Denver, where you get the results of a large firm with the personalized attention and service of a smaller one.  She is also a long-time investor in professional learning experiences in Denver as a Co-Founder of the local Organization Development Network where she served as a Director for over 12 years. 


Change or Die: Why Your Organization Needs Change Competency to Thrive

Change is constant in today’s fast-paced, globally-competitive, and technology-enhanced work environment. While organizations increasingly align change management support with specific initiatives, it’s not enough. Projected initiative ROIs are not realized, employee morale and culture take a hit, and overall performance suffers. Organizations must pay attention to the 4 Cs to increase capacity for change and become an adaptive and thriving culture: Competency, Choice, Commitment, and Capability. Change happens one person at a time. When employees have the KSAs they need to impact their experience through change, influence and support others, and quickly get to adoption, organizations have the foundation necessary to improve performance outcomes. Including development of Change competency in all levels is a vital tool for building change capability. It starts with all employees understanding what change is, how they experience it individually, and how they impact their experiences through change. People managers are prepared to support others through change. Change Managers are skilled with the disciplines to orchestrate and facilitate change. Finally, leaders develop the insight to sponsor intentional change and understand impacts on employees and organizational performance.

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