Deanell Sandoval
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Deanell Sandoval
How Fear Shapes Your Leadership
Conifer Conference Room - 11:15 am

Target Audience: Experienced Leaders

Deanell Sandoval is a Director of Leadership Development with over 25 years of experience in leading teams, coaching, and training. Her expertise includes engaging facilitation, intentional leadership, vision and goal alignment, talent assessment, curriculum design, process improvement, and retention and succession planning. With her insider experience in small, mid-size and large-businesses, Deanell has deep, practical knowledge and insights into the complex array of concerns at all levels of an organization. In addition to her leadership role at EPI, Deanell delivers face-to-face and virtual trainings for groups of all sizes. Versatile, well-organized, and dynamic in her approach, Deanell is a pure catalyst for organizational change, leadership growth, and bottom line results. With her strengths in needs analysis, frontline leadership facilitation, client and customer service, Deanell is a natural partner for managing through change in the most productive ways possible.


How Fear Shapes Your Leadership
How does fear shape your leadership? What are the ways where you hold back, don’t serve your team and hide from yourself or others at work? What if you were to not only gain awareness of but completely shift your approach to fear? How would it feel to use this fear as fuel for drive, honesty, trust and real leadership? When I got my first leadership role at 20, I was not only fearful that I didn’t earn it, I was afraid I would have no idea how to lead people. I understood, even then, how to work hard and I was clear about how to make a list of things that had to get done and then do the work. I had no idea how to delegate, inspire, manage workload or coach. Eventually, through some tough lessons, lots of practice, good mentors and a ton of learning, I figured much of it out. What I never totally overcame was the thinking that along the way someone would “find me out.” I felt like a fraud and this fear shaped much of my leadership.

During this presentation, Deanell will challenge the learner to dig deeper to gain an understanding of self. She will put on her coach hat and ask questions of the group to identify blind spots and acknowledge the source of fear. She will then help build strategies for moving forward and elevating leadership.

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