David Zwisler
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David Zwisler
Responding to "alt" Views in the Workplace
Evergreen A Conference Room - 10:00 am

Target Audience: Established Leaders

David Zwisler is a trusted senior leader, legal advisor, and strategist with an 18-year history of navigating the complexities of compliance and developing practical solutions. Mr. Zwisler is a passionate employer advocate, with a proven track record in defending against allegations and charges in multiple forums including alternative dispute resolution processes, grievance and arbitration, state and federal administrative investigations and hearings, and traditional litigation and appeals.


Responding to "alt" Views in the Workplace
Co-Presented with Austin Smith
How far can employees go in expressing personal opinions, views, and political beliefs at work? Can employers discipline or even terminate employees who make hurtful, or even hateful, statements to coworkers or customers? Can employers take action against employees who express views that are incompatible with the views of the owners or senior managers? This presentation will answer these questions and provide practical guidance on how to manage employees who express points of view that sound extreme, are outside the norm for your workplace or are simply disliked by members of management.

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