2018 Speakers
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2018 Emerging Leaders Conference Speakers

Mile High SHRM's Emerging Leaders Committee is thrilled to offer you a spectacular line-up of vibrant presenters. Take advantage of this fun half-day event, packed full of educational and inspirational content so you can Be the Force of HR! No matter where you are in your HR career, these presentations are timely and the takeaways universal.

Featuring a Keynote Presentation by Kari Mirabal
NAKED Networking
Mitchell Hall - 1:00 PM

Kari Mirabal shares innovative career transition and networking strategies to help her audience leverage the power of authentic connections. Kari has coached individuals and teams in several Fortune 500 companies, has appeared on multiple television networks sharing her knowledge, and has even been invited to give a presentation at TEDx in early 2018. With her signature humor, bold approach, and unmistakable gumption, Kari keeps audiences engaged and encourages people to think differently. With decades of professional networking experience, and managing teams in the hundreds, this former IT recruiter shares her many successes and failures to give audiences a new perspective on taking risks, connection innovations, and the power of positive thinking. For audiences that are brave enough to accept the challenge, Kari gives them actionable tactics to employ in their daily life.

Learn more about Kari by visiting her website at www.karimirabal.com

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