Kelly Fullteron
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Kelly Fullerton
Become a Hiring Hero: Reframing Your Role as a Leader in Recruitment

Kelly is the Director of the Emergenetics Selection Program. She is the foremost expert in our selection tools and has helped to shape programs for clients to improve their recruitment of new employees. Her passion is to help individuals and companies equip people with the right tools, knowledge and programs to be successful in their work.  Prior to Emergenetics, Kelly worked at Great-West Financial in Human Resources and for Lions Clubs International facilitating the implementation of pilot initiatives for their education program in new countries. She received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education from Vanderbilt University. Kelly's previous speaking experience includes the 2017 Emergenetics Brain Summit, Mile High SHRM's 2014 HR Young Professionals conference and numerous workshops and certification trainings for Emergenetics clients.


Become a Hiring Hero: Reframing Your Role as a Leader in Recruitment

In the hiring process, many HR managers, recruiters and specialists often feel like order-takers when they get a request to fill an open position. As an HR professional, how do you reframe your role to demonstrate to your teams, hiring managers and executives that you are an expert and leader in recruitment? In this SPARK talk, I will share three tips to help emerging leaders become hiring heroes. Specifically, I'll address: taking a consultative approach to hiring through a job analysis, leveraging technology like hiring assessments to hone in on the right candidates and coaching your hiring teams on behavioral interviewing. After this presentation, conference attendees will walk away with concrete ways that they can demonstrate leadership in recruiting.

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