Carlyn Shaw
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Carlyn Shaw
Lead With You, Not "What Do You Do?" 

Carlyn Shaw is an action-taker and friend-maker. An inspirational writer, speaker, coach, and founder of Strangers To Friends, Carlyn empowers people to see setbacks as stepping stones, let go of limiting labels, and take control of what they can control in life. Carlyn's personal story of healing her MS birthed her philosophy, People = Possibilities, becoming a foundation of confidence, trust, and real connection in everyone she meets. 


Lead With You, Not "What Do You Do?"
How often do you initiate an introduction with the words “What Do You Do”?
What is the intention? To learn what service you can sell them? Or how their service might benefit you? What if you lead with an open ended question? The art of conversation begins with creating a space to be seen and heard, not simply answer with an automatic reply.
The more we humanize an engagement, the more trust we have in each other.
Trust is the foundation that creates thriving business and personal relationships.
Carlyn offers a unique perspective on power of authenticity and curiosity to create lasting impressions.

Engage. Educate. Empower.

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