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As a professional association, we are here to help each and every member succeed in their careers. We encourage all members to Engage, Educate and Empower themselves through all the opportunities offered by the association.

Mile High SHRM is primarily run by committees full of hard-working professionals that volunteer their time. While we appreciate each volunteer, there are several who rise to the top as our 'go-to' volunteers. They are the movers and shakers. They are mentors to their peers. They have great ideas, energy and are always willing to jump in as needed. When we think of leaders in our industry, these are the people that come to mind! 

Please join the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors in thanking the following for their time and dedication to the association!

2018 Volunteer Spotlight

October 2018


Judy Metz

Judy Metz has been an amazing addition to the Workforce Readiness Committee!  Judy led the initiative to create a rubric to help streamline and standardize the selection of our Nonprofit partner.  She worked diligently and the result is awesome.  She is a volunteer that will go above and beyond to help achieve our goals!  Judy is such a fun and compassionate person and we are so grateful to have her on our committee!  Thank you Judy!


September 2018

Olga Gradushy

Olga Gradushy serves on the Education Committee as one of our Professional Development Group Co-Managers. Olga first started volunteering as a PDG Chair in winter 2016, later moving to manage our PDG Chairs in 2017. Olga works with our PDG Chairs to deliver quality educational content to our members through in person and webinar Professional Development Group presentations.  Olga is particularly adept at recognizing and promoting talented Mile High SHRM members for further involvement in our association.  Thank you for your service Olga!


August 2018

Melissa Uribes

Melissa is a fantastic volunteer on the Workforce Readiness Committee!  She is a diligent participant and lends her extensive HR experience to help us achieve many of our goals for this year. She recently led the efforts in collecting 200 pounds of clothing from our Mile High SHRM members for The Cycle of Hope, our 2018 Workforce Readiness Grant Recipient!  Thank you, Melissa for all your participation and hard work!


June 2018

Lara Makinen

Lara has not only volunteered with Mile High SHRM for a number of years but she has been a key player in helping shape the organization into the progressive chapter we have today. Lara volunteers on the Membership team and with COSHRM. It was Lara who nurtured the Day at the Capital event which has now grown tremendously through the years. The association thanks you, Lara, for your dedication, passion for advocacy, and fun-loving personality that has inspired others to follow in your footsteps.

May 2018

Lisa James

Lisa James volunteers on the Membership committee as the hospitality chair. Even though she changed positions last fall which included a heavier travel schedule, Lisa stepped into the role and has continued to go the extra mile in organizing volunteers for our Monthly Member Programs and various events. Thank you, Lisa, for your generosity!

In her day job, Lisa is a Director for Mesa Moving and Storage. She truly is a mover and shaker.


April 2018

Karin Harrington

The Workforce Readiness Committee is so grateful that Karin Harrington has been on our committee for over three years. She has be instrumental in driving the strategy for our committees success. Whether she is partnering with our nonprofits to determine how we are going to be resources for them, or donating her personal time, she always goes above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. Thank you for all you have done, Karin! You are truly amazing and we are lucky to have you!

March 2018

Tim KASTle

Tim Kastle is a new member to Mile High SHRM joining at the beginning of 2017, but even as a brand-new member he jumped headfirst into volunteering and choose to join the SHRM Foundation committee. His enthusiasm and ‘go get ‘em’ attitude helped Mile High SHRM raise over $2,000+ for the SHRM Foundation in 2007.

In his free time, Tim is the founder and CEO of Drawbridge Consulting and Search Firm, specializing in retained search, contract and college recruiting.

We would like to thank Tim for his support and energy as a supporter of Mile High SHRM and the SHRM Foundation.

2017 Volunteer Spotlight

October 2017

Ethan Merk

Ethan Merk is honored in our Volunteer Spotlight this month. Ethan volunteers on the sales committee helping exhibitors and partners navigate Mile High SHRM. Ethan helps organize information for partners around the annual conference and monthly events. When nominated, Ethan was received warmly by multiple people who agreed that his contributions are significant. 

In his day job, Ethan helps solve benefits for employers through Flood & Peterson. He's personally committed to helping HR leaders provide outstanding benefits to their organizations.


August 2017

Becky Taillon, SHRM-SCP

Becky Taillon is honored in our Volunteer Spotlight award this month.  Becky has volunteered for the past year with our Membership Committee and the SHRM Certification Study Group.  She recently took the lead in our Study Group, finding the optimum location and offering to facilitate most of the sessions.  It was a big ask, but she eagerly took on the challenge.  When nominated, she was recognized by more than one leader in the organization as she has volunteered in more than one capacity with notable enthusiasm. 

In her day job, she is an HR Specialist with Arrow Electronics.  She recently received a Master’s in Organization Leadership and Change and her SHRM-CP credentials.  She has experience in business management, as well as the trends in HR, which we value at MH-SHRM.  We hope that her professional development will continue with our organization well into the future.

June 2017

Alison Yanda, PHR, SHRM-SCP

Alison Yanda has volunteered with Mile High SHRM for a little over a year now and has made a huge impact. Alison’s greatest impact has been within the Emerging Leaders group. She volunteers on the Speaker Selection Committee and assisted on site during the Emerging Leaders Conference. In her everyday job, she is the HR Manager for The Colorado Health Foundation where she is responsible for onboarding, hiring, open enrollment, and many other HR functions. 

We would like to take this opportunity, after another successful Emerging Leaders Conference, to recognize Alison for her contributions to Mile High SHRM, the Emerging Leaders and the HR Profession as a whole.

April 2017

Minette McGeehon, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Minette McGeehon has been volunteering with Mile High SHRM for over 3 years. She started on the Programs Committee where she helped to select speakers for the annual conference and other events. Her experience and keen interest in securing top notch speakers made her the right person to assume the role of our first Certification Manager a year ago. In this capacity Minette is responsible for promoting the value and benefits of SHRM Certification and continues to be a key contributor in our efforts to advance our profession.

In her day job, Minette is the Senior HR Generalist at Colorado PERA where she demonstrates strategic leadership skills when working with the people of PERA. Her breadth of experience from talent acquisition to talent management has helped the Education Committee improve the quality and strategic focus of the content of our programs. Minette's dedication provides Mile High SHRM continuity and valuable historical insights to our efforts.

We would like to thank Minette for her continued support and recognize what a pleasure she is to work with.

March 2017

Karen Bamberger, MA, SPHR

Karen Bamberger has volunteered with Mile High SHRM for 4 years beginning with our Annual HR Conference Planning Committee where she chaired the Programs Committee responsible for speaker selection. The responsibilities of the committee have expanded to include selecting speakers for our Monthly Member Programs and also the HR Young Professionals Conference. The quality of speakers we are able to provide to our members has been enhanced, in large part, due to Karen's first-hand involvement at the conference - monitoring attendees' reactions to the speakers and later delving into member surveys. In her day job, she is a Senior HR Leader at Ernst & Young responsible for tracking trends that affect talent and for developing all levels of HR within her organization. She naturally applies this strategic approach to our Educational Programs, benefiting our members and our organization.

We would like to take this opportunity, after another successful conference, to recognize Karen for her contributions toward our efforts to Engage, EDUCATE, and Empower.

2016 Volunteer Spotlight

November 2016

Sarah Millard-Wright

Sarah Millard-Wright has volunteered with Mile High SHRM for 2 years as the sole chair for the Legal & Employment Professional Development Group. Sarah has hosted programming that is relevant and timely to the legal landscape of employment law, both locally and nationally. She is incredibly diligent on identifying subject matter experts to deliver engaging content, and truly reinforcing one of the most valuable benefits of Mile High SHRM membership – the PDG programs. Sarah has and will continue to be an extraordinary asset to the PDG team!

Please join us in thanking Sarah for her continued contributions and deduction to not only Mile High SHRM members, but the HR profession!

October 2016

Michael Starble

Michael is an amazing volunteer for Mile High SHRM. He jumped in at our busiest time to help our sponsors make the most out of their Mile High SHRM opportunities. From helping the team build proposals, to preparing our sponsors for events, Michael has been essential to the success of the Mile High SHRM sales team.

For these reasons and more, the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors would like to recognize Michael as a Top Tier Volunteer. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts!

September 2016

Pam Krider

Pam has worked diligently with the Workforce Readiness Committee for months now and has been a huge asset. She was the driving force behind the creation of multiple training documents created by our team to help Dress for Success with their professional training efforts. She created the format for each document and authored the Conflict Management piece. She participates in all our meetings and is excellent at coming up with amazing ideas. Not only that, but she is a lot of fun, passionate about HR and is always willing to take on new challenges within our group. 

For these reasons and more, the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors would like to recognize Pam as Top Tier Volunteer. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts! 

July 2016

Aubrey Whippo

Aubrey is a recent addition to the HR Young Professionals Committee and took an active role in the recent HRYP Conference. Aubrey co-led the effort to screen and secure our SparkHR speakers, then led the effort to combine and consolidate the slideshows for each speaker, and transformed each presentation into the SparkHR style. Aubrey’s determination helped make the SparkHR speakers successful and the technical hoops she had to jump through to get the presentation to work was…well, amazing. She is a huge asset to the team, so please join me in thanking Aubrey for her contributions. I hope you get the chance to meet Aubrey sometime soon.

For these reasons and more, the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors would like to recognize Aubrey as Top Tier Volunteer. Thank you for all you do!

June 2016

Todd Doleshal

If you've been to a Monthly Member Program or an HR Young Professionals happy hour this year, you've surely seen Todd Doleshal! Todd is a very engaged member and becoming a very strong leader within the Mile High SHRM community. His involvement in the programming of the HRYP and particularly the help with the service providers for the 2016 HRYP Conference, has truly been exceptional.

As a Financial Advisor with Ethos Financial Partners, Todd is as committed to supporting the Mile High SHRM values as he is to his clients. 

For these reasons and more, the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors would like to recognize Todd as Top Tier Volunteer. Thank you for all you do!

April 2016

Robin Kane

Robin Kane has been an active member of Mile High SHRM since 2005 and a devoted volunteer for many of the past 11 years. Most recently, she has enhanced the 2016 Monthly Member Programs by opening doors to high caliber, senior level speakers and panelists.  Her creative influence, her extensive networks, and her executive level experience have made her an important contributor to this year’s educational offerings. 

Robin is committed to advancing our HR profession.  She is Clinical Professor and the Director of the Working Professionals MBA Program at Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. She also leads the Working Professionals career development program. 
For these reasons and more, the Mile High SHRM Board of Directors would like to recognize Robin as Top Tier Volunteer. Thank you for all you do!

If you're interested in becoming a leader within the Mile High SHRM community, we have several committees that are looking for members dedicated to advancing the HR profession.

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