Anthony Poponi
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Anthony Poponi
Effective Communication and Rapport
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM










Session Description

Have you ever met someone who connects immediately with almost anyone they meet?  There’s an underlying skill to establishing rapport and it’s either natural, practiced or both.  Some people do this naturally and these skills are something the rest of us can develop quickly.  Communication is more than just words and so much of communication is non-verbal.  Many of us work in teams of cross-functional stakeholders and have to communicate across departments, upward to supervisors or to direct reports. Each of these teams and individuals are unique and require flexibility in communication. Those with stronger communication and rapport building skills have more influence.  Stronger communication skills and rapport also build trust and allow more challenging conversations required to reinforce expectations and behavior.  We’ll explore all of this during this interactive workshop.  It’s fun, funny, fast-paced and full of tools to use now!


Speaker Bio


In  a  galaxy  far  far  away  in  another  lifetime,  Anthony  served  as  fundraising  ninja,  marketing  mastermind  and  sales  savant.    Throughout  his  professional  career  Anthony  has  always  been  a  strong  communicator  and  favored  roles  where  he  either  entertains  or  inspires...and  occasional  he  even  does  both!    Anthony  loves  connecting  dots  in  both  simple  drawings  and  in  complex  settings  where  his  inner-networker  brings  together  individuals  to  catalyze  collaboration  and  through  better  conversations!    He  does  it  all  with  an  authentic  personality  and  always  weaves humor  into  everything  he  touches.    Laugh  and  learn  along  the  way  with  Anthony.   Events and Trainings  

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