Galen Emanuele
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Galen Emanuele
Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement
Evergreen A-C Conference Rooms - 8:15 am

Target Audience: All

International speaker Galen Emanuele works with teams and organizations around the globe including Fortune 500’s such as Microsoft, CBRE, Expedia, and Shell, redefining the way people interact and communicate in business. Galen is an expert in human behavior with more than 18 years in sales, marketing, and business leadership. He is also a world-class improviser, having performed and taught improv for over 12 years including touring with improv legend Ryan Stiles, and the cast from Whose Line Is It Anyway?"



Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement

This high-energy workshop teaches leaders and organizations how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to radically improve communication, performance, and engagement. Through thought-provoking activities aimed at enhancing leadership and building cohesive team culture, attendees come away with tools to skyrocket leadership and communication within their organizations. Participants laugh and learn together while gaining actionable skills that will permanently change the way they show up in business. As a result of working with Galen, attendees will:

- Understand how to communicate with the tools of “Yes, And.”
- Learn to be present and fully engaged in their communications.
- Embrace a collaborative team culture of support and strive to make others look good.
- Adapt positively to change, be receptive to new ideas, and navigate conflict more easily.
- Take accountability for the way they contribute and show up every day

Engage. Educate. Empower.

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