Dean Savoca
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Dean Savoca
A Better Way to Great
3:15 PM - 4:30 PM










Session Description

Do you find yourself distracted and overwhelmed instead of focused and fulfilled? You may have reached a tipping point that is counterproductive to your success.  Tipping points are when your drive to achieve actually hinders your performance and ultimately your results.  A “doing more gets you more” mindset can blind you to your own intuition and insight.  It can even inhibit your productivity, hurting your bottom line!  There is a better way.  Dean Savoca will share the three tipping points that inspired him to shift his approach and find a better way to great.

Speaker Bio


Dean  Savoca, M.Ed.,  BCC,  CSP™is  the  performance  development  partner  for  leaders  who  want  highly-effective  teams  that  are  focused,  aligned  and  inspired.  Simply  put,  Dean  helps  leaders  coach  their  people. A 25-year veteran of  the meetings and events industry, Dean combines an early  career in hospitality sales, operations and leadership with a  Master’s  Degree  in  Organizational  Performance  and  Change,  and  has  spent  the  last  15  years  speaking,  training  and  coaching  on  leadership  and  development. The  result  is  a  better  bottom  line  –boosted  by  improved  performance,  higher  productivity,  and  more  cohesive  teamwork. Dean  is  a  board-certified  coach  and  has  conducted  more  than  10,000  executive  coaching  sessions.  He  is  also  a  Certified  Speaking  Professional™,  conferred  by  the  National  Speakers  Association,  and  actively  involved  in  several  industry  associations.

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