Sandy Blaha
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Sandy Blaha
Attract and Retain the Best & Brightest
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM







Session Description

Your culture must shout “We want YOU high performers!”  Have you asked yourself if opportunity is clearly spelled out in your organization?  How about whether investments in professional development are clearly communicated? Are pathways to advancement apparent? In this session, Sandy Blaha will share how savvy job shoppers “shop” the market to determine where they want to work.  Sandy will teach you how to rate your company’s learning culture, determine skill equivalency, and how to share the learning culture message to attract and retain the best candidates and employees.  Participants will learn the five messages that light up talent with high learning motivation and discuss steps to align toward a learning culture. 

Speaker Bio

Sandy  Blaha  Performance  Consulting  is  a  performance  management,  leadership  development  and  succession/exit  planning  company.    An  author,  presenter,  trainer,  facilitator  and  coach,  Ms.  Blaha  builds  organization  capacity  with  a  focus  on  people,  strategy,  execution,  skills  and  culture.    Since  1994  her  mission  has  been  to  strengthen  human  and  organizational  performance  processes  and  systems  that  result  in  improved  ability  to  attract,  retain  and  promote  high  performing  personnel.  

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