Tim Goldstein
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Tim Goldstein
Understanding and Using Neurodiversity to Bridge the Tech / Non-Tech Divide
Evergreen A Conference Room - 3:00 pm

Target Audience: Established Leaders

Diagnosed with Asperger’s at 54, Denver-based consultant Tim Goldstein is a “neurodiversity communications specialist “– probably the only one doing what he does for companies and organizations by helping leaders and employees better understand how co-workers who are on the autism spectrum function.

With decades of experience in business and consulting in the tech/IT world, Tim, 57, helps companies discover needs around neurodiversity and autistic workers through design and implementation of a strategy to recruit and support new and existing neurodiverse workers. Using his “Cloud Neurodiversity” idea, Tim also helps people understand the Spock-like logical approach of the technical world. His book, Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type, is available to those looking to better understand autism in the workplace.


Understanding and Using Neurodiversity to Bridge the Tech / Non-Tech Divide

Neurodiversity, the concept that normal brain structure variations and wiring creates vastly different ways for each brains perception and processing. Learn why many with special dispositions and skills thrive in technology, but struggle in the day to day of work life.


Tim teaches his unique neurodiverse perspective refined from a life of undiagnosed Asperger’s. Learn to understand, communicate, manage, engage, recruit, and retain these valuable and difficult to find employees. Discover how some common practices and trends actually create negative perceptions leading to increased turnover and decreased productivity.


Learn about Neurodiversity being the core to Autism at Work programs successfully implemented by Microsoft, SAP, Amex, EY, and others. Tim highlights the major steps these companies took to create programs showing tangible ROI, retention, and engagement.

Engage. Educate. Empower.

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