Jared Lafitte
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Jared Lafitte
How AI Makes Leadership Better
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM








Session Description

Jared Lafitte is the founder of Mandy A.I., a leading HR people analytics platform that has been successful in companies including Chick-Fil-A and Comcast.  In this session, Jared will discuss how artificial intelligence (A.I.) can assist in analyzing and evaluating data indicators to inform strategic actions within an organization.  He will also show how artificial intelligence allows HR professionals to connect with, lead, and facilitate better environments for employees.  You’ll learn how A.I. is replacing and streamlining previously human-engineered tasks in HR, learn what options are available, and how to take action to understand new strategies for engagement and retention by utilizing A.I. platforms.  

Speaker Bio

Jared  Lafitte  is  a  seasoned  speaker,  coach and  writer,  whose  work  on  leadership  and  cultural development  has  appeared  in  some  of  the  world's  leading  business  publications.  He's  the  co-founder  and  CEO  of  Mandy  AI,  an  artificial-intelligence  HR  platform  which  has  worked  with  some  of  the  largest  companies  in  the  world.  Mandy  AI  was  one  of  four  selected  companies  to  participate  in  Colorado's  Exponential  Impact  startup  accelerator.  A  Texas  native,  he  now  lives  with  his  family  in  Colorado. 

Jared  Lafitte   
President  and  CEO,  Mandy  AI  Inc. 


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