Alyce Blum
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Alyce Blum
Three Innovative Steps to Become a Strategic Connector

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM





Session Description

Alyce Blum, Professional Networking Coach and Consultant, will energize our event by sharing strategic and scientifically proven tips and tools to ensure that the time and energy you spend networking will yield positive results. Alyce will facilitate a speed networking exercise so that you can easily meet others and start your day energized and excited. 

You’ll walk away having learned: 

  • How to think innovatively while networking 
  •  How to start a conversation that will boost your confidence
  • A scientifically proven tool that will ease your nerves, so you can communicate with grace and efficiency 

Speaker Bio

Alyce  Blum,  Founder,  and  CEO  of  Alyce  Blum  Coaching  &  Consulting  believes  that  we're  all  craving  deeper,  more  meaningful  relationships  with  one  another,  both  personally  and  professionally.  Alyce  specializes  in  teaching  people  how  to  become  effective  networkers  and  is  extremely  passionate  about  elevating  her  client's  confidence  to  build  strategic  relationships.  As  an  ICF  certified  professional  networking  coach  and  consultant,  Alyce  merges  traditional  coaching  methods  with  soft  skills  to  help  empower  people  to  learn  how  to  create  strong  connections,  lead  meaningful  profitable  careers  and  live  purposeful  lives.  Alyce  is  a  bright,  intelligent  and  engaging  woman.  She  is  a  great  person  to  have  a  professional  or  personal  conversation  with  and  is  highly  regarded  in  the  HR,  Legal,  Real  Estate  and  Finance  communities  both  locally  and  nationally.    

Alyce  R.  Blum,  CPC,  ELI-MP
Certified  Professional  Coach


Engage. Educate. Empower.

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