Alyce Blum
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Network Like a Pro by Tapping into Your Introverted Strengths
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

HRCI credit pending





Our culture suggests that introverts lack the ability to be great at networking. This is not only false, but a cultural norm that restricts introverts (or our introverted side) from stepping into our full potential. The reality is that we all have many innate skills that, when properly utilized, can yield a high RON, or "Return On Networking". During this interactive session, participants will learn specific tools and exercises that will enable them to step into these skills while practicing other networking techniques. This will result in higher levels of confidence and a willingness to take action when it comes to networking, relationship building, and business development opportunities. 

Over the course of this session, attendees will learn how to define introversion versus shyness and truly understand the difference between the two, allowing them to tap into originality and even learning how to use vulnerability as a vehicle to share one's insight. They will also learn the power of advanced planning when entering a networking scenario, identifying what "fills you up" versus "what drains you", and how to set those boundaries in a physical and emotional sense to support effective networking results.  


Alyce Blum, Founder, and CEO of Alyce Blum Coaching & Consulting believes that we're all craving deeper, more meaningful relationships with one another, both personally and professionally. Alyce specializes in teaching people how to become effective networkers and is extremely passionate about elevating her client's confidence to build strategic relationships. As an ICF certified professional networking coach and consultant, Alyce merges traditional coaching methods with soft skills to help empower people to learn how to create strong connections, lead meaningful, profitable careers and live purposeful lives. Alyce is a bright, intelligent and engaging woman. She is a great person to have a professional or personal conversation with and is highly regarded in the HR, Legal, Real Estate and Finance communities both locally and nationally. 

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