Brooke Chesnut
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Leadership Lessons Learned on Mt. Everest
Impact the Culture of a Multi-Generational Workforce
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

1 HRCI General Credit




Immerse yourself in a 10 week journey on Mt. Everest with a Global Multi-Generational Team. Brooke Chesnut will share stories, images, and HR leadership strategies from the slopes of Everest that have influenced his audience's ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent in today's workforce. 

Over the course of this session, attendees will learn 3 ways to inspire new talent to improve communication that builds a trusting culture. Brooke will also share 3 similar disciplines that he used during his excursion to Everest to improve these trust relationships via company culture. Lastly, attendees will be able to understand the value and impact of having a multi-generational team, sharing various viewpoints and work styles to make their workforce the most effective and efficient that it can be. Discover how your organization can apply these impactful strategies to improve retention and build a successful, sustainable foundation of success for the future!            


Brooke Chesnut has dedicated 30 years of corporate experience combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world.  Drawing from those experiences, Brooke guides entrepreneurs, business executives and HR professionals to impact their leadership skills, overcome adversity, and grow their businesses in a competitive environment.  Brooke shares a unique perspective as a worldwide mountaineer whose leadership model was dynamically influenced with time spent climbing Mount Everest in 2018 with a multi-generational team.  He connects with audiences through a highly conversational, story-driven, and visual experience. Brooke will take audiences to the mountainside so they can “see what I saw, sense what I felt, and learn what I realized.

Brooke Chesnut
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